Pit Bull Terrier - Baby - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shots

Available through Great Lakes –
Sarah is a year and 4 month old spayed female who is up to date on her vaccines. She came to the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society in July, 2017 due to the current Pitbull ban in Ontario, Canada.
Sarah is a loving, social, playful girl who enjoys spending time outside with her favorite gaggle ball toy. During her stay, she had been kenneled in a large indoor dog run along with her sister Mary, but has gotten used to being alone the past few months. Sarah is not afraid to get dirty, so if you are the outdoorsy type she would be a great pup to consider!

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I understand that caring for an animal is a tremendous responsibility with substantial financial cost and time commitments.  I agree to provide this animal with appropriate housing, food, water and medial care.  This animal is being adopted strictly as a companion animal.  I agree to cover any veterinary bills that may incur after the animal has been adopted.  I understand that the adoption fee is non-refundable.  I will allow G.L.H.S to conduct a home visit within one month of adoption.  I understand that if G.L.H.S. finds the home unsuitable in any way they retain the right to repossess the animal.  I agree to never chain, tether or crate this animal for a period of more that one hour.  If for any reason this adoption does not work out, I agree to return the animal ONLY to G.L.H.S. and never pass the animal to another person or shelter.

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