Bloodhound - Adult - Female
Adoptable Large Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotsPrefers No CatsPrefers No Dogs

River is a seven-year-old Bloodhound and was used as a breeder at a puppy mill. Fortunately she was rescued, brought back to health and is now ready to be a wonderful companion. And, of course, she is spayed, so no more puppies for this pooch! She does need work on house-training. She is beautiful, sweet, fun, and needs a family where she can shine as the one and only. She does not like other dogs. We know there is a family out there for her.

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I understand that caring for an animal is a tremendous responsibility with substantial financial cost and time commitments.  I agree to provide this animal with appropriate housing, food, water and medial care.  This animal is being adopted strictly as a companion animal.  I agree to cover any veterinary bills that may incur after the animal has been adopted.  I understand that the adoption fee is non-refundable.  I will allow G.L.H.S to conduct a home visit within one month of adoption.  I understand that if G.L.H.S. finds the home unsuitable in any way they retain the right to repossess the animal.  I agree to never chain, tether or crate this animal for a period of more that one hour.  If for any reason this adoption does not work out, I agree to return the animal ONLY to G.L.H.S. and never pass the animal to another person or shelter.

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