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Once Upon a Shelter, by Linda Gottwald

"Once Upon a Shelter", by Linda Gottwald

Now Available! Proceeds benefit shelter animals!
Purchase price of $20 includes shipping.

Please allow 5-7 days for shipping. All proceeds benefit the animals of the Great Lakes Humane Society!

From the steamy and colorful Florida Keys to the cool lakes and green forests of northern Michigan, “Once Upon a Shelter” tells of triumphs and tragedies of humans and animals as they pass through the doors of Linda Gottwald’s rescue organizations. Richie Moretti, millionaire playboy turned turtle rescuer; Hugh Hefner and his Bunnies who came to the aid of endangered rabbits; and Tugboat, the all-American mutt who flew to England only to be sent back in disgrace; are some of the many characters Gottwald encountered in her years as a shelter director. This poignant and heart-warming collection of stories, simply told, offers sensitive and real-life insight into animal sentience and the human condition.

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